Freya Rattan Set



Freya Rattan Set

Are the cushions waterproof?

The cushions are not waterproof. When they do get wet, it is important to let them dry properly and not
cover them up. The internal cover material will disintegrate when the cushions get wet. The life span of
your cushions will reduce significantly if they are left outside, exposed to the elements. Because of this we
recommend that you keep your cushions stored inside/in a dry place, even when using a rain cover for
your furniture. Do not store cushions in places like garages or lofts if they suffer from high levels of

Are the cushion covers machine washable?

Most covers have a zip, but it is very hard to take the covers off and put them back on without breaking
the zip and keeping the cushion evenly filled. There are many YouTube tutorials available to show the
best way to do this. Taking the covers off to wash is at your own risk. The covers are machine washable
on the hand wash program.

Dented cushion

In situations like this, ask the customer to wait for approximately 3-4 weeks to see if the cushion
naturally buffers out the dent by itself.
If it isn’t the result after the suggested time, then ask them to send another picture of the cushion
and we can then look to send them a replacement.
We have had customers with the same problem before and they came back to us after a few weeks and
said it had gone back to its original shape.

Rising Table – how to use
This is a question that is asked quite regularly, this is a tutorial video for this:

On the underside of the tabletop, there should be two brackets, with bars attached to them. They will need
to remove these bars from the brackets, and then just lift the tabletop upwards. This should raise
smoothly and then can be attached to the upper brackets which will hold the tabletop in the higher
formation. It is then just the opposite motion for lowering the table.