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Which Mattress is best for me?

Orthopaedic? Bonnel Sprung? Baffle stitched? Bed talk can be confusing at the best of times. With most people purchasing new mattresses every 5-10 years it’s incredibly important to choose the right mattress for your needs. At Sleepy Hollow Bedroom Centre we have amassed nearly 40 years of experience, experience which makes us a dream for people like you! 😉

We have listened to questions from our customers and used their valuable feedback to inform how we sell our mattresses. Feedback is the lifeblood of our industry. We use this information detail below the best mattresses for specific sleep types.

Best for back/neck pain – Mammoth Shine Pure 24

Mammoth are one of the best names for mattresses for a very good reason. A particular favourite with NHS staff and anyone who spends a large portion of their day on their feet. Using Mammoths PostureCell technology with a firm tension to perfectly support the body. By keeping the body cool, comfortable and evenly supported, the Shine helps to ensure that sleepers wake each morning feeling fresh, full of energy and ready to take on the day ahead.

Best for Value – The Sueño 1700

Sleepy Hollow’s very own mattress! We are delighted to announce the launch of our Sueño mattress. Sueño is Spanish for “dream” After nearly 40 years in the business, our customers have provided us with valuable feedback time after time. We have used this knowledge to develop our very own mattresses. With 1700 pocket springs, a cooling gel top and an incredible 10-year warranty there simply isn’t a better value product out there!

Best for hot sleepers – The Relyon Ultima Pashmina 2350

One of our best sellers at Sleepy Hollow Bedroom Centre. The 2350 individual pocket springs give you postural support throughout the night, for every part of your body, leaving you to wake without aches and pains, feeling fully rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead. Pocket Springs move independently, meaning there is no compromise if surrounding springs are compressed, resulting in perfect support exactly when and where it is required. As Pocket Springs are held in their own fabric pocket, they also stop any disturbances caused by a restless partner.

Best quick delivery mattress – Baker and Wells Majestic

These incredible mattresses are available on the SAME DAY DELIVERY within 20 miles of us in Chorley. Outside of that area, the mattress will be delivered in 3-4 days. Just like everything else we sell, delivery is absolutely 100% free!!

The Majestic mattress gives superb sleep comfort with its 1000 individual pocket springs and a cooling layer of Gel-infused Memory Foam. Foam-encapsulated springs offer edge-to-edge support and are covered with a soft knitted cover containing soothing Aloe Vera.

  • Cover containing natural Aloe Vera
  • Orthopaedic High-Density Foam
  • Foam Encapsulated Pocket springs
  • 1000 pocket spring system
  • Sumptuous Fillings
  • Edge-to-Edge Support
  • Cool Gel Infused Memory foam Layer
  • Roll packed for convenience

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