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7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

At Sleepy Hollow Bedroom Centre, we know a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of modern life. Joined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Healthcare professionals believe this is the secret to a long and happy life. Gone are the days of toiling in the field and falling onto your straw bale exhausted from a day of back-breaking work. Our modern lives contain a plethora of varying activities that can affect our ability to sleep at night. We will disseminate all the ways to improve your happiness and health.

    1. Optimise your environment.

    Your bedroom is the centre of your sleep and many factors can affect the quality of sleep you obtain. Temperature, light, noise and furniture arrangement can have big effects on your sleep. Try to remove all sources of light and noise in your sleep. A well-laid-out, clean and tidy room also helps the brain to feel settled and relaxed when going to bed.

    1. Get a better bed and mattress.

    Have you ever wondered why you sleep better in a hotel? Perhaps it is the act of “paying” for your sleep. Or, more likely, your hotel bed was a better set-up for you. Not everyone is the same and not everyone instinctively knows which bed is right for them. At Sleepy Hollow Bedroom Centre this is our bread and butter! We have years of experience in matching a customer to their perfect bed. Give our team a call on 01257 265 793 or visit to get your sleep fixed! 

      1. Increase daylight exposure.

      Your body has a natural rhythm, sometimes referred to as your Circadian rhythm. Daylight helps your body produce hormones to tell you to stay awake or when it’s time for bed. Spending the daytime in a dark or poorly lit room can massively affect your body’s ability to regulate your Circadian rhythm.

      1. Reduce blue light exposure.

      It’s easy to get bogged down in the science here, let’s try to keep it simple. Your eyes interpret light through “rods” and “cones”. One for reds/yellows and the other for greens/blues (covering the full visible light spectrum) Your body uses the amount of blue light to judge the time of day. We all know our smartphones have the “night mode” switch, which removes the blue light from your device screens. Ideally, you should avoid all blue light 2 hours before going to bed.

      1. Late-night caffeine.

      We’ve all heard the stories, Italians drink espressos late into the night so a quick cuppa before bed cant be a bad thing, right? Wrong! Caffeine is a fantastic way to increase energy and focus, however, consumed late in the day stimulates your nervous system and can ruin any chance of a relaxing sleep, leaving you to wake in the morning feeling tired. This is then overcome by taking more caffeine and the cycle starts over again. If you enjoy a brew before bed, go decaf.

      1. Alcohol

      Alcohol can have a dramatic effect on your sleep. It is known to cause the symptoms of sleep apnoea and disrupted sleep. Alcohol can also affect melanin production which your body uses to help establish your Circadian rhythm. A recent study published by the American National Library of Medicine has shown alcohol consumption at night reduces HGH (a hormone that helps your body sleep).

      1. Pillows

      Are you a folder? Do you use 3 pillows for extra comfort? Stop! Experts agree that one good quality pillow can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. At Sleepy Hollow we have a fabulous range of pillows from the more traditional pillow types to Hybrid Pillows, Neck Roll Pillows, Box Pillows and everything in between from brands you can trust like Harrison Spinks and Mammoth.